Apr 20th
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Rain Garden Takes Root in Colonia

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Thanks to the Colonia High School Ecology Club, Verizon’s Community Assistance Program and the Department of Public Works, Colonia High School is home to the newest “rain garden” in Woodbridge Township. So, what’s a rain garden? Rain gardens filter runoff pollution, conserve water, recharge local groundwater, reduce mosquito breeding, reduce the potential of flooding, and create habitats for birds and butterflies.

Colonia High School is home to the newest “rain garden” in Woodbridge Township.

Rain gardens take advantage of rainfall and storm water runoff through their design and plant selection and work best when situated close to the source of the runoff. Below the surface of the rain garden, the plants act like a giant sponge to filter and recycle the collected water. Interested in planting a rain garden in your community? Contact the WB News at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for the “how to’s” on planting a rain garden in your community.











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