Jun 30th
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Woodbridge Township to Take the "Green Office Building and Business" Challenge

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greenMayor John E. McCormac, members of the Woodbridge Township corporate and business community, and “Greenable Woodbridge” will introduce a Township-wide “Green Office Building & Business” Challenge on Tuesday, July 13 at the Atlantic Realty Development Corporation Woodbridge Office Tower.

The Woodbridge Township “Green Office Building & Business” Challenge encourages Woodbridge Township corporations, businesses, and building owners/operators, to implement “sustainable” programs and initiatives that will spur “green” investment and environmentally-friendly, energyefficient programs and practices geared to provide long-term ‘green’ benefits for the business, while working to improve the environment and reduce the regional carbon footprint.


The “Green Office Building & Business” Challenge instructs businesses on how to review and completeaction steps that earn “green” points. Each action step - actions such as implementing an energy audit;turning off the lights; unplugging power chargers; switching to programmed climate controls; addinginsulation; constructing rain gardens or wildflower plantings; use of “green” cleaning products; installationof water-conserving fixtures - earn points and help reduce the carbon footprint of Township buildings and businesses. The office with the most “green” points will be announced as the Woodbridge Township “GreenOffice Building & Business” Champion on Earth Day 2010 (April 22).








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